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26-Jul-2017 19:04

And you know Elena, don't have to tell twice to forgive a minimally apologetic mass murderer!

As suggested last episode, Stefan was more than ready to get back with Elena, so he practically lit up when she invited him to the school dance.

Did she seriously dump a trail of salt around the entirety of the high school? Ugh, back to the grindstone for our resident deus ex machina. Honestly, the more she opened her mouth the more I got confused.

Back at the Salvatore mausoleum, Esther and Evil Alaric laid out their whole plan for Elena. Then Klaus arrived at the high school, apparently after not having seen his sister all day nor noticing the enormous ring of salt around the campus.

But I do have one quibble and it's that Esther sort of sucks? That was sort of fake, forget about it." Cool, thanks! I'm not Joyce Carol Oates over here trying to pretend I have high standards in writing.

I mean, the character is fine, and her story was fine when it first played out. And if she can possess Bonnie to overtake Damon like that, why did she even an Alaric vampire?

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But not before exacting one of the more hilarious boundary spells this show's ever seen: Haha, did Esther arrive in a DUMP TRUCK? Unfortunately for Bonnie, the vampires were in trouble so she would be expected to drop everything and help them at all costs! BUT Esther did admit to turning her husband Mikael into a bloodthirsty vampire-hunter, so there's that.

So first off, Klaus was sick of charcoals and had moved onto mixed media. She'd apparently been out all night chillin' with Evil Alaric or something.