Cats intemidating each other advantage and disadvantage of online dating

01-Jan-2018 18:07

leave the room for a very short while on purpose at times, but you need to be able to hear any sounds of a problem.Do some unexpected, random spot checks on the cats, to get a feel for how they are getting along when you were not in view.They can be with trying to play physically with whatever living creature is around.You might not think a larger cat would be afraid or feel threatened by a little kitten, but some are.Their bodies are actually smaller than they look under their fur.They also teethe up to approximately six months old, so will often chew on wires and risk being electrocuted.Continue to keep the young kitten in his Safe Room (which you have made "kitten proof") when you are not home or are asleep, until the kitten is at minimum 16 weeks old, curious, but don't have much "sense", being babies still.

Backtrack to the limited mingling if the cats weren't quite ready to be together all the time. Click here to bookmark/add this page to your favorites!

So you need to wait a few weeks for the kitten to mature more physically before you think about any full-time, unsupervised mingling.