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21-Jan-2018 12:29

She went on to praise President Compaoré’s dedication to peace in West Africa.

President Blaise Compaoré highlighted the diversity that exists in Africa and stated that to reduce and manage conflict on the continent, dialogue between people and governments must take place before it has the opportunity to arise.

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Compaoré emphasized the need for compromise in all sectors of society.

In particular, the President cited the need for young people to be trained in mediation and conflict resolution.

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For example, if you specify that the parameter Pick a canonical URL for each of your pages and submit them in a sitemap.So, we should [join] our efforts and lead those fights in this historical period and we want to be firm, courageous, and determined together.” President Compaoré praised African diaspora communities’ “consciousness and awareness [of the importance of participating] in the reconstruction of the continent.” He said that the energy and passion that these communities possess is inspiring.

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