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21-Nov-2017 03:54

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after every change to an entity or every single invocation of persist/remove/merge/…

This is an anti-pattern and unnecessarily reduces the performance of your application.

Whenever you have a managed entity instance at hand, you can traverse and use any associations of that entity that are configured LAZY as if they were in-memory already.

Doctrine will automatically load the associated objects on demand through the concept of lazy-loading.

method on it or by cascading the detach operation to it.

Changes made to the detached entity, if any (including removal of the entity), will not be synchronized to the database after the entity has been detached.

Take the following example, where you find an article with the headline “Hello World” with the ID 1234: In this case the Article is accessed from the entity manager twice, but modified in between.To merge the state of an entity into an Entity Manager use the Note When you want to serialize/unserialize entities you have to make all entity properties protected, never private.