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08-Jan-2018 03:29

While you may need to sift through a large number of defunct Groups, you’ll also find Groups for trans guys that have memberships of 1000 and a high level of engagement.There are also numerous Facebook Pages for transgender related websites and brands.

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Then, the program automatically provides suggestions for matches with compatible profiles.

Laura’s Playground This community has been around for several years, and the FTM sub-forums are very active.

Susan’s Another older community, Susan’s FTM section is also quite active.

FTMLover This is an adult dating site for FTM (transgender female-to-male and trans-masculine guys) and the people who adore them.

An online dating community focused on creating quality relationships, be it friends, short or long term relationships.

Smaller FTM communities are also developing on other video sharing sites such as Vimeo.