Speed dating london june 2016

15-Aug-2017 23:03

Our events are held in the top-floor Attic and Study areas.

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Situated in the heart of Manchester it's the perfect night spot for more discerning party people.Speed daters receive a complimentary glass of champagne on entry.Situated in the popular Deansgate Locks area, this three-storey independent venue provides a uniquely stylish alternative to the identikit bars on the rest of the strip.We have exclusive use of their stylish Subzero bar for our speed dating events.

Whilst my passion for railways has its roots in childhood spotting days during the Fifties, by the early Sixties the hobby was running out of steam.Both classes were identical in many respects; the Stanier engines had the same 5ft 3in driving wheels, 3ft 3½ins pony wheels and trailing wheels, identical sized cylinders at 17½in X 26ins, the same 21,485lb tractive effort, 200 in.