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23-Jan-2018 01:25

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A Swedish engineer has demonstrated a bizarre 76-rotor ‘flying carpet’ that can lift an adult several feet off the ground to soar through the air.

The manned drone, dubbed ‘ch AIR,’ uses dozens of electric motors and cost roughly ,000 to make, according to creator Axel Borg.

In the video, it’s apparent that the inventor has worryingly forgone a helmet and other types of bulky safety gear.

But, according to Borg, he’s taken certain steps to make the test runs as safe as possible while ‘obtaining the precious feeling of freedom.’Along with trying to ‘build safety in the structure itself,’ the inventor also wears goggles and some sort of ear protection, whether plugs or headphones, he notes on You Tube.

With the pilot’s seat situated right in the middle of the four massive hoops, the footage shows how stepping in requires some careful foot placement.

Then, when the drone is ready for take-off, these multi-rotor hoops lift up to become parallel with the ground, and the 76 rotors start moving in a noisy hum.

Her older sister Crown Princess Victoria, 39, looked striking in a ruched one-shoulder silver gown with a mullet hemline, ditching her usual scraped back bun in favour of a half up-do.

The prototype can only fly around 10 metres (33 feet) over water, and the video of the vehicle shows it gliding over a lake in California.