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And we were never anywhere near breaking up, and I think it just didn't really dawn on us because once we were together, we were together. We see Tig go through a life-threatening infection and the death of her mom and cancer, and then you guys started dating. Stephanie: , that was right before all of that happened, and that's when we met.Then we ran into each other at Sundance a year later, and that's when we started dating.I kept gravitating toward her and wanting to spend time with her, and then in the process of recognizing that in myself, I was like, "Oh my god, I am fully in love with this person." It kind of blew my mind in terms of sexual orientation, where you're like, "I'm this way, and it's black-and-white." I look back and go, "God, I closed the door that I had no idea what was behind it." Yeah, we were at Sundance — and this was right after we had just reconnected — and she wasn't feeling well and I put my hands on her shoulders, and it was like this electric feeling through my body where I'm like, "Oh my god, I love this person and care about this person," and it felt so comfortable to touch her.I had never really experienced that feeling before. To be coming to terms with, "Oh, maybe I'm not straight," and at the same time being like, "This might be the person I want to be with forever." That's two really major love moments at once. When I was like, "I am fully interested in pursuing this relationship," it did feel like I was saying yes to spending my life with someone, because I was so in love.

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Some people, for whatever reason, get there sooner.

" But in that moment, there's just that giving up who you think you are.

I get kind of, um, bored by all the sexuality and gender labels because I feel like that's where the problem comes in, when people feel that they need to have these particular identities.

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I just noticed as time was moving along that we tease each other, joke around, and it never is hurtful and nobody has hurt feelings.

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